Default variable details

Some of debops.fhs default variables have more extensive configuration than simple strings or lists, here you can find documentation and examples for them.


The fhs__*_directories variables define the list of base directories to create by the role. The directory paths are saved using an Ansible local fact to ensure that any changes after applying the role don't affect an existing installation. To modify existing paths, the /etc/ansible/facts.d/fhs.fact script should be removed from the host, this will ensure that the role does not use existing paths from the facts.


Modify the application data directory to store them in a separate mount point instead of the /srv/ directory (you can use debops.mount role to mount a local device under that directory, or debops.nfs to configure a remote NFS filesystem):


  - name: 'data'
    path: '/data'

Remember that this change will only take effect on first application of the role, therefore it should be defined in the Ansible inventory before the host is provisioned.

The role will create the /srv/www/ directory by default since it's a common place for home directories of web applications. To avoid this on non-www related hosts, you can put the configuration below in the inventory:


  - name: 'www'
    state: 'absent'


Each base directory is defined as a YAML dictionary with specific parameters:

Required. The short name of the directory, used as a reference in the Ansible local facts. The configuration entries with the same name parameter are merged together, this can be used to modify the paths defined by the role via Ansible inventory.
Required. An absolute path of the base directory to create. The path needs to start with the / character, otherwise it will not be created by the role.
Optional. Specify the permissions of the base directory. If not specified, 0755 will be used by default.
Optional. If not specified or present, the path will be created by the role. If absent, the role will not create this path (existing paths are not removed).