Roles (by category)

This is a curated index of DebOps roles, categorized by their type and purpose. Roles that are not linked don't have complete documentation available, or are not yet integrated in DebOps.

See also DebOps roles in development and open pull requests.


These applications are visible to the end users. Application roles included in DebOps are used to provide useful services in the data center environment, and act as integration tests for other roles that manage webservers, databases, etc.

Application environments

Ansible roles that are designed to help with installation of various application environments or programming languages, either via APT or other methods.

Application services

These roles manage applications that provide services to other applications and are not accessed directly by end users.


Ansible roles that manage filesystem-level services, or export filesystems to other hosts.

Ansible internals

These Ansible roles are used internally during playbook execution, or provide additional functions to other roles.