Default variable details

some of debops.tcpwrappers default variables have more extensive configuration than simple strings or lists, here you can find documentation and examples for them.


This is a list of /etc/hosts.allow entries defined as YAML dictionaries. Each entry will be stored in /etc/hosts.allow.d/ directory in a separate file. The configuration roughly follows the conventions described in the hosts_access(5) and hosts_options(5) man pages. The list of known parameters:

Required. Name or list of names of the daemons which should be configured, the first entry will be used in th filename if a custom one is not specified.

Optional. String or list of IP addresses, CIDR subnets, domain names and other "clients" that should be allowed (by default) to connect to a given service. If not specified, the access will be granted for all hosts, unless it's disabled by item.accept_any parameter.

IPv6 addresses should be specified "as is", they will be automatically converted to square bracket notation.

Optional. String or list of additional options for a particular entry. This will be added after list of clients. The colons (:) inside the options are automatically escaped by a backslash. See hosts_options(5) man page for possible values.
Optional. A YAML text block with raw configuration in /etc/hosts.allow format.
Optional. Two-digit number prefix added to the entry filename, to allow easier sorting of files in /etc/hosts.allow.d/ directory.
Optional. Custom name of the file stored in /etc/hosts.allow.d/. If not specified, a name will be generated based on the value of item.daemon or item.daemons parameter.
Optional. A comment added to the given entry to explain its purpose.
Optional, boolean. If not specified or True, without a specific client list the service that is being configured will acceppt connections from all hosts (ALL). If specified and False, connections won't be allowed unless a list of clients is specified and not empty.
Optional. Either present or absent. If specified and absent, the configuration file will be removed from /etc/hosts.allow.d/ directory, otherwise it will be created.


Allow connection from anywhere to sshd:

  - daemon: 'sshd'

Restrict access to vsftpd daemon to a set of particular subnets (IPv6 addresses are wrapped in square brackets automatically):

  - daemon: [ 'vsftpd' ]
    client: [ '', '2001:db8::/32' ]
    accept_any: False