This role provides a generic mechanism to declare which files/directories are required to be persistent. How this information is used can then be defined in this role.

On Qubes OS, all work gets done in AppVMs which are typically based on TemplateVMs. Only a few paths in such TemplateBasedVM will persist a reboot, mainly /home and /rw. Package installation and the like is supposed to happen in TemplateVMs only but configuration can happen in either VM type as desired. If changes should be made in a TemplateBasedVM however it needs to be made sure that they are persistent.

Since Qubes OS R3.2 the bind-dirs script and related configuration can be used to easily make additional paths persistent by bind mounting them from /rw/bind-dirs/ to the desired path.

debops.persistent_paths allows other Ansible roles to interact with bind-dirs by using this role as a dependency role. An example which does this is debops.cryptsetup.

The role can also be used by the system administrator to manage bind-dirs using the Ansible inventory.