The creation of DebOps wouldn't be possible without massive amounts of documentation, knowledge and know-how present on the Internet. Many solutions to problems encountered during the development have been found on various blogs, HOWTOs and other documentation, it would be hard to list them all. However, there are some notable entries which you can use for reference during the development of your own IT infrastructure.

The Debian Administrator's Handbook

This is a very accessible book about the Debian Project and Debian OS administration, written by the project's Developers. Highly recommended for beginners.

The Debian Project documentation

A reference page with huge amount of documentation sources related to Debian GNU/Linux operating system.


The official wiki of the Arch Linux distribution, maintained by its users. The operating system itself might be different, however many software packages are present both in Debian as well as Arch, and solutions found on the wiki are usually easily applicable to Debian hosts.

The Twelve-Factor App

This page provides a look at a modern application deployment and configuration stack. Its meant more for developers than administrators, however it might be an useful window to see what might be expected from the IT infrastructure you are managing.

Computing Infrastructure Setup Protocols

Orderly deployment of cost-effective and scalable computing infrastructure for life-science research groups. Yao M, Luo W, and Hogue C.W.V. (2009) JOURNAL VOL:PP


This is an older website which discusses good practices for IT infrastructure deployment. The technologies used are ancient from the perspective of the IT departments today, however the methodology used during the deployment might still be useful and relevant.

Ops School Curriculum

This site provides a general information and introduction to IT Operations and explains what Operations Enginners do. The documentation is presented as a curriculum with lessons on different topics.

Larg's Internet Cluster

This is a website with description of the build process of an Internet Cluster. The original website seems to be gone, however the Web Archive version is available.

Research Computing at Imperial College London

This is a homepage of the Department of Mathematics at ICL. They have their own HPC infrastructure with extensive documentation, aimed mostly at their users, however it might be useful to see how the IT infrastructure looks from the user side.