Getting started

Initial configuration

The debops.docker_gen role generates by default nginx configuration, based on Romke van der Meulen blog entry Nginx upstreams defined this way can then be used in debops.nginx role to automatically enable or disable upstream Docker containers in a given configuration.

Due to how nginx configuration works, upstreams need to be defined at the start or reload of nginx daemon, otherwise it will fail. And because of how docker-gen configuration works, it cannot generate the correct nginx configuration without Docker containers already present. Thus, the order of the various things to be set up correctly is:

  1. Create and start the Docker containers with environment variable NGINX_UPSTREAM specifying the wanted upstream name, for example:

    docker run -e NGINX_UPSTREAM=docker_upstream -d ...
  2. Install and start docker-gen will generate nginx configuration with all Docker upstreams specified.

  3. Install and start nginx with templated configuration, and if upstream definitions are present, they will be immediately available and used.

When you are adding new services to docker-gen, remember that at least one needs to have -watch option enabled for the service to stay daemonized.

Useful variables

This is a list of role variables which your most likely want to define in Ansible inventory to customize docker-gen:

Enable support for remote Docker containers, accessed through Docker API over TLS.
Hostname or IP address of the remote Docker host. Without setting this remote connections are disabled.

Example inventory

To configure docker-gen on a given remote host, it need to be added to [debops_service_docker_gen] Ansible inventory group:


Example playbook

Here's an example playbook that can be used to manage docker-gen:


- name: Manage docker-gen service
  collections: [ 'debops.debops', 'debops.roles01',
                 'debops.roles02', 'debops.roles03' ]
  hosts: [ 'debops_service_docker_gen' ]
  become: True

  environment: '{{ inventory__environment | d({})
                   | combine(inventory__group_environment | d({}))
                   | combine(inventory__host_environment  | d({})) }}'


    - role: docker_gen
      tags: [ 'role::docker_gen', 'skip::docker_gen' ]