debops.swapfile default variables

Swap file configuration


Default size of swap files, in MB.

swapfile__size: '{{ ((ansible_memtotal_mb|int * 2)
                     if (ansible_memtotal_mb|int <= 2048)
                     else "512") }}'

Default swap file priority, from -1 to 32767. Higher numbers indicate higher priority. Refer to swapon(8) for details.

swapfile__priority: '-1'

By default debops.swapfile uses the fallocate command to create the swap files. If you use unsupported filesystems (ext4 is supported) you can enable this variable to use dd command to create the files.

swapfile__use_dd: False

List of swap files. Specify either a path to a file on a filesystem, or a YAML dict. See swapfile__files for more details.

swapfile__files: [ '/swapfile' ]