Getting started

APT preferences configuration

You can use this role to select a different version of APT packages available without specifying the version directly in the playbooks or roles. This helps to ensure that the APT dependency tree is stable and there are no conflicts between different versions.

Example inventory

The debops.apt_preferences role is included in the common.yml playbook, you can add your own entries to Ansible’s inventory and they should be picked up automatically on the next playbook run.

Example playbook

Here's an example playbook that can be used to manage APT preferences:


- name: Manage APT preferences
  collections: [ 'debops.debops', 'debops.roles01',
                 'debops.roles02', 'debops.roles03' ]
  hosts: [ 'debops_all_hosts', 'debops_service_apt_preferences' ]
  become: True

  environment: '{{ inventory__environment | d({})
                   | combine(inventory__group_environment | d({}))
                   | combine(inventory__host_environment  | d({})) }}'


    - role: apt_preferences
      tags: [ 'role::apt_preferences', 'skip::apt_preferences' ]