Default variable details

Some of the debops.sysnews default variables have more extensive configuration than simple strings or lists, here you can find documentation and examples for them.


The sysnews__*_entries lists can be used to add or manage permanent System News entries in the /var/lib/sysnews/ directory. The variables are combined in the order specified by the sysnews__combined_entries variable, entries with the same name are combined together; the entries later in the list override parameters from previous entry with the same name.

Each list entry is a YAML dictionary with specific parameters:

Required. Name of the text file located in the /var/lib/sysnews/ directory (spaces if the filename are permitted).
Optional, conflicts with content. Path to a text file located on the Ansible Controller, which should be put in the /var/lib/sysnews/ directory with a given name. By default the path is relative to the files/ directory of the debops.sysnews Ansible role.
Optional, conflicts with src. YAML text block which contains a text to put in a file in the /var/lib/sysnews/ directory with a given name. The text can contain Jinja templating which will be evaluated at Ansible execution time.

Optional. Define the state of a particular news file. If multiple list entries define a file state, the last one wins. Recognized states:

  • not specified or present: the file will be put in the /var/lib/sysnews/ directory.
  • absent: the specified file will be removed.
  • ignore: the given configuration entry will be ignored by the role. This can be used to conditionally activate or skip entries.


Add a new, permanent System News entry:


  - name: 'News about an application'
    content: |
      A new application has been installed and is ready to be used.

      Have a nice day.
    state: 'present'