debops.mcli default variables

Go application deployment

These variables control how the mcli binary is installed on the host. The installation is performed by the debops.golang role, refer to its documentation for details. The installation definition can be found in the mcli__golang__dependent_packages variable.


The fingerprint of the GPG key which is used to sign the MinIO Client releases. It will be used to verify the downloaded signature file as well as the git tags in the source repository.

mcli__upstream_gpg_key: '4405 F3F0 DDBA 1B9E 68A3  1D25 12C7 4390 F9AA C728'

Specify the method which should be used to install MinIO Client binary. Either url to download the configured binary directly and virify it using the specified GPG key, or git to clone the MinIO Client git repository and build the specified version from source.

mcli__upstream_type: 'url'

Enable or disable automatic upgrades of MinIO Client downloaded from upstream. This does not affect installations built from the git repository.

MinIO Client is updated quite freqently. Remember that already downloaded MinIO Client releases are not removed automatically; check the download directory (by default /var/local/_golang/go/src/releases/linux-amd64/mc/ directory) and remove old releases.

mcli__upstream_upgrade: False

The base URL of the MinIO Client download page, should end with the / character.

mcli__upstream_url_mirror: ''

Specify the OS type and platform architecture to use for installation. The list of supported architectures and OS types can be found on the page.

mcli__upstream_platform: 'linux-amd64'

The version of MinIO Client to download from upstream on a given host. You should specify the RELEASE.YYYY-MM-DDTHH-MM-SSZ tagged release number.

Available MinIO Client releases:

mcli__upstream_url_release: '{{ mcli__env_upstream_url_release }}'

The path to the MinIO Client binary on the upstream HTTPS server, relative to the OS type and platform directory.

mcli__upstream_url_binary: '{{ "archive/mc." + mcli__upstream_url_release }}'

The URL of the upstream git repository which contains MinIO Client source code.

mcli__upstream_git_repository: ''

The version of MinIO Client to build from source on a given host. The build version depends on the availability of a specific Golang version and other factors. Latest MinIO Client versions which can be built on a given OS distribution release are preferable.

mcli__upstream_git_release: '{{ "RELEASE.2019-03-20T21-29-03Z"
                                if (ansible_distribution_release in
                                    [ "stretch", "buster", "xenial", "bionic" ])
                                    else ("RELEASE.2019-09-05T23-43-50Z"
                                      if (ansible_distribution_release in
                                          [ "bullseye" ])
                                      else mcli__upstream_url_release) }}'

Absolute path to the mcli Go binary installed on the host. See the debops.golang role for more details.

mcli__binary: '{{ ansible_local.golang.binaries["mcli"]
                   if (ansible_local.golang.binaries|d() and
                   else "" }}'

Configuration for other Ansible roles


Configuration for the debops.golang Ansible role.


  - name: 'mcli'
    upstream_type: '{{ mcli__upstream_type }}'
    gpg: '{{ mcli__upstream_gpg_key }}'

      - src: '{{ mcli__upstream_url_mirror + mcli__upstream_platform + "/" + mcli__upstream_url_binary }}'
        dest: 'releases/{{ mcli__upstream_platform }}/mc/mc.{{ mcli__upstream_url_release }}'
        checksum: 'sha256:{{ mcli__upstream_url_mirror + mcli__upstream_platform + "/" + mcli__upstream_url_binary }}.sha256sum'

      - src: '{{ mcli__upstream_url_mirror + mcli__upstream_platform + "/" + mcli__upstream_url_binary + ".asc" }}'
        dest: 'releases/{{ mcli__upstream_platform }}/mc/mc.{{ mcli__upstream_url_release }}.asc'
        gpg_verify: True

      - src: 'releases/{{ mcli__upstream_platform }}/mc/mc.{{ mcli__upstream_url_release }}'
        dest: 'mcli'
      - repo: '{{ mcli__upstream_git_repository }}'
        version: '{{ mcli__upstream_git_release }}'
        build_script: |
          make clean build
      - src: '{{ mcli__upstream_git_repository.split("://")[1] + "/mc" }}'
        dest: 'mcli'