debops.authorized_keys default variables

Main configuration


Enable or disable management of SSH public keys in a central location.

authorized_keys__enabled: True

Path to the directory where SSH public keys are stored.

authorized_keys__path: '/etc/ssh/authorized_keys'

Enable or disable support for read-only SSH public keys, which cannot be modified by their respective users.

authorized_keys__readonly: True

If enabled, new groups created by the role will be "system" groups with GID < 1000, otherwise new groups will be "normal" groups with GID > 1000.

authorized_keys__system: True

SSH public key options


This is a handy YAML dictionary with different sets of possible SSH options that can be used in other variables to add common options to SSH keys.


  'no-forwarding': [ 'no-agent-forwarding', 'no-port-forwarding',
                     'no-X11-forwarding' ]

  'strict':        [ 'no-agent-forwarding', 'no-port-forwarding',
                     'no-X11-forwarding', 'no-pty', 'no-user-rc' ]

List of default SSH options added to all public keys. If it's set to {{ omit }}, no options will be added automatically. The list of options can be overridden by the item.options parameter.

authorized_keys__default_options: '{{ omit }}'

This is an alternative list of SSH options which will always be added to all SSH keys managed by the role.

authorized_keys__force_options: []

SSH public key lists

These lists configure SSH public keys in a central location. See authorized_keys__list for more details.


List of SSH public keys configured on all hosts in Ansible inventory.

authorized_keys__list: []

List of SSH public keys configured on a group of hosts in Ansible inventory.

authorized_keys__group_list: []

List of SSH public keys configured on specific hosts in Ansible inventory.

authorized_keys__host_list: []

List of SSH public keys configured by other Ansible roles via dependent variables.

authorized_keys__dependent_list: []