debops.proc_hidepid default variables

General configuration, APT packages


Enable or disable support for managing the /proc hidepid= option using Ansible.

proc_hidepid__enabled: True

List of APT packages required for hidepid support.

proc_hidepid__base_packages: [ 'libcap2-bin' ]

List of additional APT packages to install with hidepid support.

proc_hidepid__packages: []

The /proc filesystem options


When enabled, the role will try and remount the /proc filesystem to enable the hidepid= options. This might not be possible in certain environments like LXC/Docker containers, in which case the role will only passively set up the required facts and other configuration.

proc_hidepid__remount: '{{ True
                           if ((((ansible_system_capabilities_enforced|d())|bool and
                                 "cap_sys_admin" in ansible_system_capabilities) or
                                not (ansible_system_capabilities_enforced|d(True))|bool) and
                               (ansible_local|d() and ansible_local.proc_hidepid|d() and
                                (ansible_local.proc_hidepid.proc_owner|d("root")) == "root"))
                           else False }}'

Specify what level of protection for the /proc files to configure:

  • 0: no protection, files are world-readable
  • 1: the /proc contents are protected using UNIX permissions, file
    owners can access their own files
  • 2: the /proc contents are invisible to non-owners, only root
    and users in the specific UNIX system group can see everything
proc_hidepid__level: '2'

Name of the UNIX system group which will have unrestricted access to the /proc filesystem.

proc_hidepid__group: 'procadmins'

The GID used by the UNIX system group. If not specified, it will be selected automatically. If you change the GID, you need to remount the /proc filesystem manually and restart any services that rely on this functionality.

proc_hidepid__gid: '70'

The /proc/sched_debug options


Enable or disable file attributes change of the /proc/sched_debug file to not be world-readable. Note: the root account in privileged LXC containers can read the file and change its permissions at will.

proc_hidepid__secure_scheduler_enabled: '{{ True
                                            if (proc_hidepid__register_sched.stat.exists|bool and
                                                proc_hidepid__register_sched.stat.uid == 0)
                                            else False }}'

Name of the UNIX system group which will be able to read the contents of the /proc/sched_debug file.

proc_hidepid__secure_scheduler_group: '{{ proc_hidepid__group }}'