The debops.keyring Ansible role is designed as a helper for other Ansible roles that manages the APT keyring as well as the GPG keyrings on unprivileged UNIX accounts. Other Ansible roles can tell the debops.keyring role which GPG keys should be present or absent in the selected keyrings; the role then retrieves the GPG keys either from:

  • local key store in the debops.keyring role, or located in a directory on the Ansible Controller, or

  • specified URL, or

  • specified Keybase profile via the Keybase API, or

  • a default GPG keyserver, if defined


The role is not meant to be used via Ansible inventory to manage the APT or GPG keys; users can use the debops.apt role to manage the APT keyring via the inventory.

At the moment there is no solution for unprivileged UNIX account keyrings manageable via the inventory. This functionality will be implemented later via other DebOps roles that manage UNIX accounts.