Getting started

Default configuration

By default, Monit uses the SMTP server installed on localhost to send e-mails to the root account. Make sure that the working SMTP server or relay is available with the proper forwarding, or change the configuration of the mail server used by Monit via Ansible inventory.

The Monit HTTP server will be enabled by default, however it's not exposed to the public network and only available on localhost interface. To protect the HTTP interface against attacks by unprivileged users on the same host, the HTTP interface is secured by a randomly generated password, stored in one of the configuration files. The root account can use the monit CLI interface to interact with Monit without the need for a password.

Example inventory

To enable Monit on a host, you need to add that host in the [debops_service_monit] Ansible inventory group:


Example playbook

If you are using this role without DebOps, here's an example Ansible playbook that uses the debops.monit role:


- name: Manage Monit service
  collections: [ 'debops.debops', 'debops.roles01',
                 'debops.roles02', 'debops.roles03' ]
  hosts: [ 'debops_service_monit' ]
  become: True

  environment: '{{ inventory__environment | d({})
                   | combine(inventory__group_environment | d({}))
                   | combine(inventory__host_environment  | d({})) }}'


    - role: monit
      tags: [ 'role::monit', 'skip::monit' ]