debops.dpkg_cleanup default variables

Global options


Enable or disable support for the role. By default it's only enabled on hosts which use the APT package manager with assumption that dpkg command is present.

dpkg_cleanup__enabled: '{{ True if (ansible_pkg_mgr == "apt") else False }}'

Configuration paths


Absolute path where Ansible local fact scripts are stored. The hook script will automatically remove the fact created by a given role.

dpkg_cleanup__facts_path: '/etc/ansible/facts.d'

Absolute path where the dpkg hook scripts are stored.

dpkg_cleanup__scripts_path: '/usr/local/lib/dpkg-cleanup'

Absolute path where dpkg configuration snippets are stored.

dpkg_cleanup__hooks_path: '/etc/dpkg/dpkg.cfg.d'

Hook script definitions


List which sets the contents of the hook scripts generated by the role, defined by other Ansible roles via role dependent variables. See dpkg_cleanup__packages for more details.

dpkg_cleanup__dependent_packages: []