DebOps OID Registry

This is the authoritative source of the information regarding the DebOps OID Registry that describes the hierarchy of the Object Identifiers managed in DebOps.


In order to extend specific network protocols like SNMP or LDAP, an organization needs to have its own Private Enterprise Number registered at Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA) to avoid collisions with other organizations present in the Internet.

enterprise.DebOps /

DebOps is registered in the Private Enterprise Numbers registry as: or

The technical contact for DebOps organization is Maciej Delmanowski.

The DebOps namespace is split into child namespaces depending on their purpose:

OID Namespace Description
42 LDAP Object definitions for LDAP databases (LDAP schemas)

enterprise.DebOps.LDAP /

The Object identifiers for LDAP objects managed by DebOps are defined in the 42 namespace.

OID LDAP schema Ansible role
1 posixgroupid.schema debops.slapd