Documentation overviewΒΆ

Welcome to DebOps! This page provides an overview of the documentation included in the project. In the online version, you can use the sidebar to switch between documentation sections.

The "Introduction" section contains information meant for new DebOps users. If you know Ansible, you can jump right in and use the Quick start page to try out DebOps for yourself. You can also read about what the goals and philosophy of the project are, how to reach the community and find answers to commonly asked questions.
In this section you can read about recent changes in the project and stable releases. You can also find here information about manual upgrade steps needed to be done when switching to the next DebOps release.
User guide
This section contains documentation about the usage of the DebOps project itself - installation instructions, guide to the project directories and usage of the various scripts provided by the project.
Admin guide
Here you can find a guide to the IT infrastructure managed by DebOps. This section explains common properties of the hosts that are managed, and provides ways for configuration of different infrastructure elements - networking, virtualization, etc.
Developer guide
This sections focuses on DebOps project development. You can find here information about best practices involving Ansible code style, how various applications should be installed and how to contribute the project yourself.
Tester guide
Here, you can read about how DebOps code is validated and tested. Project validation is done using Travis CI, the actual role and playbook testing can be performed by the project developers using GitLab CI in a locally hosted development environment.
Ansible roles
This section contains an index of Ansible roles provided in DebOps as well as the documentation for each Ansible role, with parts of it automatically generated, based on the role contents.
DebOps API
Documentation of various application programming interfaces available in the DebOps project.