Upgrade notes

The upgrade notes only describe necessary changes that you might need to make to your setup in order to use a new role release. Refer to the Changelog for more details about what has changed.

From debops.postfix v0.1.3 to debops.postfix v0.2.0

  • All of the default and inventory variable names have been changed from postfix_* to postfix__*. Furthermore, most of the old variables have been dropped and role uses new configuration format. There's no automated upgrade path planned from the old deployment to a new one.
  • You should copy the existing /etc/postfix/main.cf and /etc/postfix/master.cf configuration files to a separate directory before executing the new role on an existing infrastructure. The files are overwritten automatically and information about current configuration might be lost.
  • It should be relatively easy to define your desired Postfix configuration using inventory variables. The new debops.postfix role intentionally does not provide facilities to manage files; this is supposed to be done either in the other Ansible roles that use debops.postfix as a dependency, or alternatively can be done by the debops.resources Ansible role.
  • Most of the functionality of the old role has been removed. It will be brought back using separate roles in the future, however they are not yet written. If you are using the old role in production, change the DebOps requirements.yml configuration to pin the old role version (v0.1.3). Other roles that depend on debops.postfix will re updated as well, you might want to consider pinning them too.