Default variable details

Some of debops.mailman default variables have more extensive configuration than simple strings or lists, here you can find documentation and examples for them.


Create or remove mailing lists. This is a simple interface to newlist and rmlist Mailman commands, not really intended for proper list management, which should be performed through the web interface.

Each list is defined as a dictionary with following keys:

Required. Name of the mailing list.
Optional. If specified, sets the domain of the mailing list. The domain should be configured as one of Mailman virtual domains.
Optional. Specify e-mail address of the mailing list owner. If not specified, site admin will be the owner of this mailing list.
Optional. Specify the mailing list default language as two-letter name. The language pack should be enabled on the server. If not specified, the default site language will be used.
Optional. Specify the mailing list owner password. If not specified, a random password will be generated automatically and stored in the secret/ directory (highly recommended). See the debops.secret role documentation for more details.
Optional. If not specified, or specified and set to present, the mailing list will be created. If set to absent, it will be removed.
Optional, boolean. If specified and set to True, the mailing list archives will be purged when the mailing list is removed.


Create a new mailing lists:


  - name: 'project-users'

  - name: 'project-devel'
    language: 'en'
    owner: ''