The debops-update commandΒΆ

The debops-update script clones the DebOps monorepo from GitHub, or updates an existing DebOps repository. If a custom directory is not specified as the first argument, the script will operate on the


directory. By default the master branch is cloned and checked out; afterwards the user can use the git checkout command to switch to a different branch.

If a relative or absolute directory is specified as an argument, the debops-update script will clone the DebOps monorepo to the debops/ subdirectory of that directory. This can be used to create a local copy of the repository in a "project directory" which contains the Ansible inventory and other files:

debops-init ~/src/projects/
cd ~/src/projects/
debops-update ./

The debops script knows how to use both the contents of the debops/ subdirectory in a project directory, or the central location, and will switch between them automatically.

The script can also be executed with the --dry-run parameter. In that case, no changes will be made to the existing repository; instead the script will show the changes between current git checkout and the remote repository. This can be used to review any changes before applying them.