Custom services and their default ports

In various DebOps roles you can find named ports. They are defined in /etc/services using debops.etc_services role which manages them using Ansible's assemble module. To avoid collisions between various services we list here custom ports that are set for applications and services that don't have specified system ports by default.

You can find a list of ports used throughout the DebOps project by running command:

debops-defaults | grep '_port:'

This should output list of all variables that define port numbers in various roles and are available in role defaults, and thus can be overridden by Ansible inventory.

Service Port Default bind
apt-cacher-ng 3142 all interfaces
elasticsearch 9200-9400 localhost
etherpad 9000 localhost
redis-server 6379 localhost
redis-sentinel 26379 localhost
rails apps 3000 socket
gitlab-ci 18083 localhost

Standard ports

Run cat /etc/services to obtain a list of standard ports.