In case of any errors during backup, debops.rsnapshot role collects output of all scripts and sends it if anything shows up to <backup> e-mail account. With default debops.postfix configuration, this account is aliased to root account, so all e-mails should be forwarded to the system administrator.

Logs for each server configuration are stored in /var/log/rsnapshot/ directory, and are automatically rotated.

Fixing issues with SSH host fingerprints

When hosts are reinstalled, SSH host fingerprints might be changed in which case :program:`rsnapshot will send e-mails to system administrator. To fix these errors, you can use a special set of a variable and tag:

debops --tags role::rsnapshot:sshkeys --extra-vars='rsnapshot_reset_sshkeys=True'

This command will remove all known SSH host fingerprints from /root/.ssh/known_hosts on the backup clients and rescan the hosts, as well as reinstall the :program:`rsnapshot SSH keys on backup servers if necessary.

rsnapshot_reset_sshkeys variable, if True, will always remove SSH host fingerprints, therefore it shouldn't be used in the Ansible inventory to avoid idempotency issues.