debops.ansible default variables

Installation, APT packages


Select how Ansible should be installed by the role:

  • system: install Ansible using current OS packages, possibly from the
    backports repository.
  • upstream: install Ansible from the upstream APT repository on
    Launchpad (PPA, usable on Debian as well).
  • bootstrap: install APT packages required for Ansible and build a local
    .deb package using the upstream GitHub repository.
ansible__deploy_type: '{{ "upstream"
                          if (ansible_distribution_release in
                              [ "wheezy", "jessie", "precise", "trusty", "xenial" ])
                          else "system" }}'

The OpenPGP key of the Ansible upstream APT repository.

ansible__upstream_apt_key: '6125 E2A8 C77F 2818 FB7B D15B 93C4 A3FD 7BB9 C367'

The APT repository URI of the upstream Ansible repository.

ansible__upstream_apt_repository: 'deb xenial main'

List of APT packages to install for Ansible support.

  - '{{ "ansible"
        if (ansible__deploy_type in [ "system", "upstream" ])
        else [] }}'

List of additional APT packages to install with Ansible.

ansible__packages: []

Specify the git repository branch, tag or commit id which should be used by the bootstrap-ansible script to build the Ansible .deb package.

ansible__bootstrap_version: 'devel'

Configuration for other Ansible roles


Configuration for the debops.apt_preferences Ansible role.


  - package: 'ansible'
    backports: [ "wheezy", "jessie", "stretch", "buster" ]
    reason: 'Compatibility with upstream release'
    by_role: 'debops_ansible'
    state: '{{ "absent"
               if (ansible__deploy_type == "upstream")
               else "present" }}'

  - package: 'ansible'
    pin: 'release o=LP-PPA-ansible-ansible'
    priority: '600'
    by_role: 'debops_ansible'
    filename: 'debops_ansible_upstream.pref'
    reason: 'Recent version from upstream PPA'
    state: '{{ "present"
               if (ansible__deploy_type == "upstream")
               else "absent" }}'