Default variable details

Some of debops.rstudio_server default variables have more extensive configuration than simple strings or lists, here you can find documentation and examples for them.


The rstudio_server__*_allow_users variables define a list of UNIX user accounts that should be added to the system group defined by the rstudio_server__auth_group. Accounts in this group will be able to login to the RStudio Server web application. Only already existing UNIX accounts will be added to the group, role does not create them automatically.

Each list entry can be a string containing an account name, or a YAML dictionary with specific parameters:

The name of the UNIX account to include in the auth group.
Optional. If not specified or present, the account will be added to the auth group.


Allow specific UNIX accounts access to RStudio Server:

  - 'user1'
  - name: 'user2'


These variables specify the contents of the RStudio Server configuration files, located in /etc/rstudio/ directory. Each variable is a list with YAML dictionaries. Each entry can be written in a simple form where YAML dictionary key is the option name, and the value is the option value. More complex form can be defined using the parameters:

The name of the option to set.
The value of the option to set. If it's empty, it will be removed from the configuration file.
Optional. If not specified or present, the option will be added in the configuration file. If absent, the option won't be included in the configuration file.


Define options in the rserver.conf configuration file:


  - 'www-address': ''

  - name: 'www-port'
    value: '8787'