Contributing guidelines


  • Do one thing well
  • Modularity and flexibility
  • DebOps itself is just a name, it is the sum of its parts


Join us in #debops on Freenode or post on the debops mailing list.

Code submissions

We accept pull requests on everything. Here's a quick work flow:

Fork it

  • Fork it into your Github account
  • Clone your fork onto your workstation
    • git clone
  • Add the official repo as your upstream
    • git remote add upstream

Make your contribution

git checkout -b somefeaturebranch
git add <the files you modified>
git push origin somefeaturebranch

Please try your best to make great commit messages. Have a read through better commits and research how to use git add -p.

Submit your pull request through Github

Select the branch on your repo, click the green PR button and submit it.

Update your fork

You should do this before making any commits and after your PR has been accepted.

git checkout master
git fetch upstream
git rebase upstream/master
git push origin master

License agreement

By contributing you agree that these contributions are your own (or approved by your employer) and you grant a full, complete, irrevocable copyright license to all users and developers of the project, present and future, pursuant to the license of the project.