Upgrade notes

The upgrade notes only describe necessary changes that you might need to make to your setup in order to use a new role release. Refer to the Changelog for more details about what has changed.

From v0.1.0 to v0.2.0

All inventory variables have been renamed so you will need to update your inventory. Check the variables in defaults/main.yml file to see the changed names.

The Redis Server and Sentinel parameters are not configured in separate default variables anymore - instead, each one uses a set of YAML dictionary variables to hold the configuration. Redis Server can be configured on all levels of the Ansible inventory (all, group, host), Redis Sentinel can only be configured globally.

Redis requires an authentication by a password before the applications can use it. The password is accessible either via Ansible local facts (usable by other Ansible roles), or using the redis-password command (usable by users included in the redis-auth UNIX group). If you store the password in a configuration file, make sure that only specific user or group can read it; otherwise it can be read by untrusted users and the security will be broken.

Support for Debian Wheezy and SysVinit is removed, the role relies on systemd units instead.

The Redis Server and Sentinel configuration files have been reorganized. The role most likely will not work with existing installations. Clean reinstall is strongly recommended.