This project adheres to Semantic Versioning and human-readable changelog.

The current role maintainer is drybjed.

debops.nodejs master - unreleased

debops.nodejs v0.3.1 - 2017-03-08


  • Change the default NodeJS version installed from upstream repositories from 4.x to 6.x to keep support for older OS releases. [bfabio]

  • Update documentation and Changelog. [drybjed]

  • The role now tracks the status of nodejs__upstream variable and can automatically upgrade the NodeJS packages from the OS-distributed version to an upstream version. You can use this to request NodeSource packages from a different Ansible role if needed.

    To do this effectively, role will automatically remove APT packages that were installed automatically and are no longer needed. This might impact other packages than just the ones related to NodeJS, but it's a one time operation; when upstream NodeJS packages are installed, they are not upgraded automatically by the role. [drybjed]

debops.nodejs v0.3.0 - 2016-07-01


  • The nodejs__upstream boolean variable selects which NodeJS release should be installed. If set to False (default), the role will install packages from current OS release. If it's set to True, role will install packages from NodeSource repository. [drybjed]


  • Switched the Changelog to a new format. List of role maintainers is moved to Changelog for easier maintenance. [drybjed]
  • All role variables are renamed from nodejs_* to nodejs__* to put them in their own namespace. [drybjed]
  • The nodejs_upstream variable is renamed to nodejs__upstream_version. The default upstream version is NodeJS 4.x. [drybjed]
  • Role will now install OS release NodeJS packages by default, to adhere to DebOps Software Policy. [drybjed]
  • The nodejs_npm_global_packages has been renamed to nodejs__npm_packages. [drybjed]
  • The nodejs__npm_* package lists support all of the npm Ansible module parameters. [drybjed]
  • The role uses package Ansible module instead of apt to install packages. [drybjed]


  • The nodejs-legacy package is not installed by default. [drybjed]

debops.nodejs v0.2.0 - 2016-06-29


  • Rename nodejs_upstream_repo to nodejs_upstream_repository for consistency with other debops roles. [patrickheeney]
  • Rename nodejs_npm_packages to nodejs_npm_global_packages to better reflect their purpose. [patrickheeney]
  • Rename nodejs_packages to nodejs_base_packages to allow nodejs_packages to be used for user packages. [patrickheeney]
  • Refactor apt keys and apt repositories. [patrickheeney]


  • Remove npm installer as it is now bundled with node.js. [patrickheeney]
  • Remove npm /tmp directory override. It will now use npm defaults. [patrickheeney]

debops.nodejs v0.1.0 - 2015-09-20