This project adheres to Semantic Versioning and human-readable changelog.

The current role maintainer is drybjed.

debops.debops_fact v0.2.1 - 2016-11-13


  • The role now expects a valid INI file with section headers. It does not patch in a [default] section when the file is missing one and will instead raise an exception. [ypid]


  • Problem where the /etc/ansible/facts.d/debops_fact.fact file would fail to return facts and throw a Python exception instead. [ypid]

debops.debops_fact v0.2.0 - 2016-09-13


  • Add a way to disable support for DebOps facts if desired. [drybjed]


  • Redesign the DebOps fact storage and switch from the JSON files stored directly as Ansible local facts to separate INI files that hold the JSON data in the variable values. This allows modification of the INI files directly by other roles using ini_file Ansible module and the role itself doesn't need to be involved in the process. [drybjed]


  • The debops_fact__*_facts variables which allowed to set custom facts via inventory or role dependent variables are removed; roles can modify the INI files directly now. [drybjed]

debops.debops_fact v0.1.2 - 2016-09-01


  • Ansible does not work with local facts that are unreadable by unprivileged users. A different solution for private local facts will be written later. [drybjed]

debops.debops_fact v0.1.1 - 2016-08-07


  • Move redundant template code to a shared macro. [drybjed]

debops.debops_fact v0.1.0 - 2016-08-07