debops.debops default variables

DebOps packages


List of APT packages required by DebOps on Ansible Controller.

debops__base_packages: [ 'python-netaddr', 'python-passlib', 'uuid-runtime', 'python-setuptools' ]

Ansible should be installed using APT, but available packages might be too old. If you want to install Ansible by other means, you can disable the APT package installation here.

debops__ansible_packages: [ 'ansible' ]

List of additional APT packages to install with DebOps.

debops__packages: []

List of packages to install from PyPI using the pip command.

debops__pip_packages: [ 'debops' ]

Ansible git source installation


If enabled and True, role will clone the Ansible source from GitHub, build the Ansible Debian package and install it. On repeated runs, Ansible will be automatically updated on the selected git branch.

debops__ansible_git: False

Specify the git branch to use for installing Ansible from source. By default, current development branch is used.

debops__ansible_git_branch: 'devel'

Path where Ansible git source is stored and where builds happen.

debops__ansible_git_build_dir: '{{ (ansible_local.root.src
                                    if (ansible_local|d() and ansible_local.root|d() and
                                    else "/usr/local/src") + "/debops" }}'

The role will switch to the admin user account to perform the build. The build script needs sudo access to install the built *.deb package, which the admin account should have.

debops__ansible_git_become_user: '{{ ansible_ssh_user
                                     if ansible_ssh_user|d()
                                     else lookup("env", "USER") }}'

Playbook and role installation


Download playbooks and roles to a system-wide location, on installation. If set to False the playbooks and roles will be installed locally for the current Ansible user.

debops__install_systemwide: True

Specify the method which should be used to download playbooks and roles:

  • batch: use the batch command from the at package, depends on system load, sends back email with results;
  • async: use async Ansible support, does not create any output;
  • sync: immediately sync and only continue after everything is in place
debops__update_method: '{{ ("batch"
                            if (ansible_local|d() and ansible_local.atd|d() and
                            else "async") }}'

Specify timeout of the async Ansible command that downloads DebOps playbooks and roles, in seconds.

debops__async_timeout: '{{ (60 * 20) }}'

DebOps system-wide configuration


Path where DebOps playbooks and roles will be installed system-wide.

debops__data_path: '{{ (ansible_local.root.share
                        if (ansible_local|d() and ansible_local.root|d() and
                        else "/usr/local/share") + "/debops" }}'

DebOps project configuration


Git URL to a DebOps project repository which will be cloned after installing DebOps.

debops__project_git_repo: ''

Name of a new DebOps project to initialize or name of the project download directory in case debops__project_git_repo is defined.

debops__project_name: ''

Configuration for other Ansible roles


Configuration for the debops.apt_preferences role.

  - package: 'ansible'
    backports: [ 'jessie' ]
    reason: 'Use Ansible from Debian Backports'