This project adheres to Semantic Versioning and human-readable changelog.

The current role maintainer is ypid.

debops.apache v0.1.0 - unreleased



  • Change default virtual host server name from 000-default to default.{{ apache__domain }} to increase the chances that a valid certificate is available for this virtual host (either wildcard or SAN) in order to avoid the warning of Apache that the certificate is not valid for the server name. [ypid]
  • Change apache__hsts_preload from True to False by default. Setting this value to True alone does not achieve anything and can actually cause problems if you are not prepared. Thus it is disabled by default. If you are ready for the future of HTTPS and TLS only, you are encouraged to enable it! [ypid]


  • Fixed usage of apache__dependent_packages for debops.apache. Previously the variable was only considered when handed to the debops.apache/env role. Note that all dependency variables should be passed to the main debops.apache role to avoid confusion. apache__dependent_packages now only works when passed to the main role.
  • Ensure that the shared object cache provider module is loaded when required for apache__ocsp_stapling_cache. Before, the socache_shmcb module was implicitly loaded by the ssl module. [ypid]
  • Ensure that the rewrite module is loaded when it is used by the configuration generated by the role. [ypid]
  • Fix item.https_enabled support for virtual hosts. This variable was ignored previously using the global default (True) directly. [ypid]
  • Fix role run with apache__deploy_state == "absent" after the role has been run with present before. [ypid]
  • Fix missing closing </IfModule> directive in case an old OpenSSL version is used. [ypid]